WARN Winch Mounting Plates for Polaris ATVs

Polaris ATV winch

Polaris / September 5, 2022

Inspect the rope/cable before and after each winching operation.
a. Inspect for worn or kinked rope/cable and look for worn or loose parts and mounting hardware
b. Replace if: rope bulk is reduced by 25% or more; two or more adjacent strands are cut; flat areas or lumps are found; excessive fused or melted fibers are found.

Permit your winch motor to cool down prior to servicing, and always disconnect winch from battery before servicing.

Always replace Polaris winch parts with genuine Polaris replacement parts—available at your authorized Polaris dealer.

Keep winch, rope, and control free from contaminants. Remove dirt or debris from line. Use a light oil on the line and hook to reduce corrosion.

Check and maintain your battery.

Ensure all winch controls and connections are secure.

Check controls for damage. Store in a clean, dry, and protected area.

No lubrication is needed for the life of the winch.

Sub-zero operation: Freespooling may be difficult. Power out the rope for 2-3 meters to warm up the winch.

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Source: www.polaris.com