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Best ATV Winches

Types Of Atv / August 25, 2014

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4Warn 90450 ProVantage 4500 Winch – 4500 lb. Capacity

The Warn 90450 ProVantage 4500 Winch is a monster when it comes to power. This winch is designed for the extra bit of weight of a Side x Side and can also be used for a heavier ATV/UTV vehicle. This unit is crafted with care and generosity, and when it comes to the market scenario, there are very few winches that can exceed this kind of capacity. With a metal-made gear end housing and a massive magnetic motor, this winch vows to rescue your ATV from furthest corners of the planet.

You get a superior control in your operation with a three-stage gear train, an ergonomic handle design, the longest wire rope in the product line, and an advanced disc brake. The body and accessories are given a corrosion-proof black coating, with an illuminated control panel which is efficient and good to look at. The smooth clutch control is the biggest highlight of this model. The directions for installing all the parts are very clearly marked so that even the inexperienced ones can use it easily.

3Superwinch (1140230) Black 12 VDC LT4000ATV SR Winch – 4000 lb. Load Capacity

Superwinch (1140230) winch is a smaller and cheaper option in comparison to other units in the list, but nevertheless, it possesses the ability to carry a huge load of 4000 lb. This unit is compact and easy to operate, which saves you some room and at the same time, lets you mount the winch in a location where there’s a lack of open space. A magnet motor of 1.4 horsepower and a long remote cord ensures safe and hazard-free operation. This winch features a 50’ of 3/16” Dyneema Synthetic Rope, which is a novelty.

Best ATV Winch of 2017 | Buying Guide519xMJOC4nLThe synthetic rope is a lightweight and safer alternative to the regular steel cables. A low-key unit such as this will also prevent you from packing the extra weight in your vehicle. A manufacturer’s warranty is inclusive in the package in case your winch gets damaged. At this price range, this product is the most efficient and trustworthy, and it will not let you down.

2Warn 89020 Vantage 2000 Winch – 2000 lb. Capacity

Like the previous RT and XT series, the 2013 Vantage series too offer superior performance at a price that won’t burn a hole in your pocket. Here, we’re talking about the less powerful 2000 lbs. variation, which is still a great unit, and saves some hard earned bucks on the go. The product features all the WARN quality protection like a reliable magnet motor, seamless gear trains, complete sealing to keep the elements out.

In the case of the rope, you have the options of choosing between the sturdy aircraft-grade steel wire cable and the lightweight synthetic alternative. The long length of the wire is definitely a big plus of this product. We have seen many people struggling to mount a winch due to the limited wire length and this is where Warn gets an edge over standard ATV winches. However, the mounting directions need to be a bit more on-point. It could be a tad complicated for the first-time users.

1Superwinch 1135220 Terra 35 3500lbs/1591kg Single Line Pull With Roller

Best ATV Winch of 2017 | Buying Guide61Mqbo0QOILWith superior features, efficiency, versatility, and longevity, this unit is more of a companion than a machine and manufactured only for the serious ATV junkies. It’s curious that the Superwinch Terra 35 uses an all-steel gear train and not the regular planetary gears, and tells a lot about the nature of the winch it strives to be. With a massive pull of 3500 lbs. and a weather-sealed low-amp magnet motor of 1.6 horsepower, you can rely on this unit to conquer the toughest and remotest terrains.

The magnetic motor helps in narrowing the field, making it a highly versatile equipment. It can seamlessly drag heavy-duty 4 wheelers out of a mud hole or sand hill. Its ergonomic design is coupled with Superwinch safeguards like sealed solenoid, a 10 feet extension cable, and a rubberized remote switch, rendering it literally invincible. The limited lifetime warranty adds one more feather to its cap. If your ATV is your first love, you’re compelled to find the very best winch in the class, and this one, then, will suit you exceptionally well.

What to Look for When Buying an ATV Winch?

There’s an overwhelming and ever-growing market when it comes to ATV winches, and you have to invest wisely. Consider the money being spent on the unit because you don’t want to burn a hole in your pocket, but then again, don’t opt for the cheapest cause price sometimes ensures quality.

Also keep in consideration the size and weight of your ATV ride when buying a winch. See what else is included in the package, or you may have to buy the fairlead, the mounting, the rope and other accessories separately, which won’t be very pleasant.

Another thing to take into account while selecting the best ATV winch for money is the type of winch. If you want a high-performance model, make sure it has a powerful engine to yield a great torque. Basic youth or entry-level models have a simpler design and are easy to maneuver. However, they lack the strength to withstand tough terrains.

The Bottom Line

Whatever winch you choose, be advised to be careful, and consider the purpose it’ll serve you. Always choose a product with a 10’ or longer extension cable. Check the wattage your unit needs, and keep in mind the nature of trails, too. It is also important to consider the plow you may be using and how compatible both of them will be with each other. An informed choice will always allow you to select the best ATV winch at the most affordable of the price.