Top 10 Best ATV Mud Tires in 2017 Reviews

Best ATV Mud Tires

Atv Tires / October 6, 2022

The best ATV mud tires are perfect for a variety of surfaces - rough, muddy, sandy, dirt, concrete, and grassy terrains. They work perfectly especially in rural settings due to the low pressure in the tires and off-road capabilities. If you are into outdoor activities or you wish to go to a place where the terrain is inaccessible on standard tires, your best bet would be to invest in a good set of sturdy ATV mud tires.

Replacing ATV Mud Tires With New Ones

So, how can you tell when your ATV needs new tires? What signs should tell you that your tires need replacing? The first sign, of course, is that you will feel like your tires need a replacement. For instance, you might discern that the corner grip is loose - making you ATV slide whenever you are on a smooth surface.

However, the best way to tell that you need to invest in new tires will come from the routine maintenance checks you perform on your vehicle. If you, for instance, see rounded down knobs or if the tire rubber looks and feels cracked, discolored or dry, the time might have come for you to shop for new ATV mud tires.

Before every ride, ensure that you check the tire pressure because it will significantly affect how your vehicle handles. Low pressures tend to wear down mud tires fast.

The fading on old tires comes from too much direct sunlight. To this end, if your tires are used up, they will look old and weathered. When this happens, reach out for fresh-looking tires with a rich and dark color.

Last but not least, remember that the average shelf life of ATV mud tires is 4 to 5 years. In case your tires are older than this recommended shelf life, you should start shopping for replacements.

Finding the Right ATV Mud Tire

After you decide that your ATV needs new tires, there are some things you need to consider:

a) Size

Just because a tire is big does not necessarily mean that it will help you get over that muddy patch securely. In fact, smaller tires might work better.

Therefore, before you buy new tires, ensure that you follow the recommendations of the ATV's manufacturer or opinions from experts. Heavy tires tend to overwhelm the small/weak engines on ATVs, affecting the torque and power in the process.

b) Ply Rating

The higher the ply rating, the longer you are likely to end up using the mud tires. The only disadvantage with a high ply rating is that your tires will be heavier, less comfortable to ride on, and less bouncy.

Low ply rated mud tires, on the other hand, provide comfortable rides. However, they are more prone to puncturing and damage when you ride on rough terrains.

c) Design

Mud tires for ATVs are designed to be smooth over fine surfaces and aggressive on muddy ground. In general, tires that look aggressive will work better at getting you out of rough situations than their smoother-looking counterparts.

d) Tread

The tread depth and design will determine the speed at which you can cut through mud. Deep threads, to this end, are more efficient. However, their efficiency comes at a cost because the noise levels are high (even on smoother surfaces and low speeds) while the comfort is low.

e) Durability

The best ATV mud tires don't come cheap. You are going to have to sink your money to get high quality. As long as you make the right choice, you will get a long lasting brand that will serve your ATV riding needs for a while. To ensure you don't err in this, always go for the right brand and size based on your understanding from an expert and consumer reviews.