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Polaris / January 25, 2024

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We have Bearing Greasers for these and other ATV / UTV Machines!

"I have a 2013 Polaris Sportsman 550 Touring with very low miles. I saw the Machine Intergrations product on U Tube and thought it was interesting. Purchased the MI-BGP-1628 which was for my model. I opted to remove the front bearing housing as it made it easier to grease. A bit more work but worth it. All four bearings took over twenty shots of grease. Spin the bearings and another four shots of grease. Not a doubt that this was highly beneficial as well as VERY easy to do. A great product at a great price. " - Doc M. (via email)

“This is the best tool I’ve used! I put over 15 shots of grease in 1 bearing!” – Dan H.

"It's simple to use! Pop it in the bearing, pump it with grease, and pop it right back out! It's that easy!" - William R.

"Awesome product and super fast shipping. thanks" - Dex... (eBay buyer)

"Awesome!! Worked perfectly! GREAT DEAL!!! Fast shipping! " - smallbatch9yr (eBay buyer)

"Above and beyond all expectations! Extremely fast shipping" - Coreybeaver (eBay buyer)

"Great product and great people to deal with thanks " - Damonnichols (eBay buyer)

"Awesome ty . Replaced all bearings. 17-22 pumps of grease. Ty" - ridingclassicmc (ebay buyer)

"Works great! Could not ask for a better Product!!" - (eBay buyer)

“Love this greaser already!!” - (ebay buyer)

“Great product fast shipping. Will buy more for different applications” (ebay buyer)

“A+ bearing greaser worked great on my new bearings!! Thanks fast shipping too!!” (ebay buyer)

Most ATV / UTV inc. Wildcat and Prowler

- Can-AM

Most Maverick, Outlander, Commander, Renegade, & Traxter

- CF Moto*

- Honda *

- Kawasaki

Most Brute Force, Prairie, Mule, Teryx, etc

- Polaris

Most RZR, Ranger, Sportsman (inc. XP series), & Scrambler

- Suzuki*

- Yamaha

Most Grizzly, Wolverine, Big Bear*, Kodiak*

*Denotes Some Select Models

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Wheel bearings for ATV'S and UTV'S do not come with enough bearing grease to sustain the use that you need, to keep riding without fail. Limited grease leaves voids for water and dirt to enter and remain in the bearings. Don’t let this happen to your investment!

We have developed a Wheel Bearing Greaser Tool that allows you to easily add grease to the bearings. Once your 1/2 shaft is out, or when you have a new bearing on your bench, simply use the Greaser Tool to push the grease into the bearing. You can see it work: When you pump, the grease will fill the cavity and excess will be eventually evident out of the sides of the bearing, so you know it’s full. Then, simply pull the Greaser Tool back out.

Customers have reported back that they were able to add 30 shots of grease into a bearing before it was full.

Use these as preventative maintenance on your existing bearings. If water or dirt exists in your current bearings, you may see water being evacuated when grease is being added.

Replacing your bearings with new? Add grease before installing. You will greatly extend the life of the bearings.

Depending on your machine make and model, one (1) or two (2) Tool Greasers may be required. The prices are $50 for one (1) unit or $90 for two (2) units, which includes shipping within the continental US; except Alaska and Hawaii),

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