Pair 2 ITP Mud Lite AT 24x10-11 ATV Tire Set 24x10x11 MudLite 24

ITP Mud Lite ATV Tires

Atv Tires / December 30, 2021

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Already one of the most popular tires ever for utility ATV applications, ITP is now bringing all of the famed Mud Lite's features and benefits to the sport quad segment. The all-new Mud Lite SP is sized for use on most late-model, high-performance sport ATVs, in a 22x7-10 front and a 20x11-9 rear. The super-durable, extended-wear, 6-ply Mud Lite SP offers more traction in loose conditions than a knobby tire ever could, yet it provides an amazingly smooth ride and superb cornering characteristics. And it's surprisingly light as well, reducing unsprung weight and allowing that high-tech suspension to maintain its maximum effectiveness.

  • Front: 22x7-10 (6 ply); Rear: 20x11-9 (6 ply).
  • Utilizes the same extended-wear rubber compound as the famed ITP 589 M/S for longer life and added value!
  • High-tech tread design and carcass construction make this a mud tire that's designed for high-performance trail riding, and a high-performance trail tire that can tame muddy conditions like no knobby tire could!
  • Center tread contact area helps provide a smooth, radial-like ride!
  • Light on both your machine and your wallet!