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ITP Radial ATV Tires

Atv Tires / July 29, 2022

These tires were initially purchased in the 26" size to improve the looks and grip on an older Honda Rubicon. After installation, I noticed the front of the machine shaking while riding along dirt roadways, beginning at about 15 mph and becoming worse as speed increased. The machine did not shake side to side, but up and down. In early 2012 I purchased a new Grizzly 700 and carried both machines to a local tire shop to swap the tires, wanting the larger ITP's on the Grizzly. After mounting the ITP's onto the stock Grizzly rims, i asked the dealer to balance them, remembering the shaking I noticed when riding the Honda and thinking a few ounces of weight in the right spot should smooth them out. What a surprise!!..the rt front 26x9x12 required 14 ounces of weight, the left front needed 6.5 ounces, the left rear 26x11x12 required 8, and the right rear took 3.5 ounces. We attempted rotating the tires on the rims in hopes of reducing the weight needed, but the Grizzly rims were true and did not change the outcome. I have ridden the Grizzly several times since installing the ITP's, and have found that the OEM Maxxis 25" provided a much more comfortable ride. Considering my time and effort swapping these tires onto the Grizzly, I hope all that weight will stay in place until I can wear these things out.

These tires do look good, and pull well in mud and sloppy conditions. I am, however, very disappointed in ITP's manufacturing process and quality control measures allowing tires that out of balance being shipped out the door to the customer. I can not recommend this product to other consumers and would welcome an opportunity to discuss my difficulties with this tire with ITP.