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Studded ATV Tires

Atv Tires / January 16, 2024

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They’re called all-terrain vehicles for a reason. ATVs are designed for all types of terrain, from rocks to mud to sand to snow. The latter is probably the most challenging of all the elements because it also involves protecting yourself (read: staying warm) from the weather, and making sure the quad is also ready for the white stuff and frigid temperatures. Of course, four-wheel-drive and diff. lock will improve a machine’s traction, but a 2WD sport quad can be fun, too.

Even if you’re not out for a snowy trail ride, you can still add a few common-sense accessories to get more out of your machine instead of storing it for the winter. This article will share tips and tricks of how to ride in the winter, what products to use and how to dress to make the cool (pun intended) adventure a memorable one.

Just because it’s cold outside doesn’t mean it’s time to put away your ATV.


Whether you own a utility ATV or sport quad, accessories and winter-themed products will help a machine step up its game in the bitter cold. Before you add these, be sure to consult your owner’s manual to see if your machine will do well in the brutal cold. EFI is great, but is not required. A battery charger, engine block heater (if applicable) and proper cold-weather fluids will ensure it starts all winter long.

That’s how you clear your driveway.

Winter ATV Riding Essentials• Snow Plows: Adding a snowplow or snow blower will make an immediate difference and sure beats shoveling! The aftermarket (as well as some manufacturers) has several different sizes, designs and shapes to choose from when considering plows. Just pick something that’s durable, versatile and fits within your budget. Snow blower attachments are more expensive, but can add a tougher appearance and, potentially, more snow-moving abilities.

• Warmers: If you’re riding in the cold, you’ll probably want some sort of electronic device that warms your extremities. That’s your hands, feet and even your seat! Once you ride in the cold with hand warmers, you’ll never want to go back to non-heated grips again. You can also get a thumb warmer if your throttle thumb feels left out. A seat warmer just makes sense, otherwise you’d being doing something your dad always told you to try to avoid doing – and that’s freezing your arse off!

Gauntlets will keep your hands out of the elements.

Winter ATV Riding Essentials• Wind Protection: Along with windshields, another option instead of hand warmers would be to add hand guards and/or gauntlets. Hand guards minimally protect your gloved hands from slushy snow and chilling winds. However, gauntlets, or handlebar covers, create a water-resistant barrier as well as an additional layer of warmth. Just be sure you can operate the handlebar controls (throttle, levers).

Traction: You can give it a go with stock tires or upgrade to a more aggressive set of tires with taller, sharper lugs. Tire chains also improve traction, but we suggest you use them for only working with your ATV and not full-speed riding. You could also add ice racing studs or even snowmobile track studs (if done properly) for improved bite. Studs may be best for sport quads, but can be used on 4x4s, too.Winter ATV Riding Essentials Maxxis, with its 4-Snow tire, and ITP, with the TundraCross pre-studded tire, each offers something for snow riding.

Even a sport quad can play in the deep snow with the right accessories.

Tracks: Track kits are available for all types of ATVs, sport or utility, and basically help the machines stay on top of the snow by giving it a larger footprint. Some track kits offer tracks at all four wheels. Others have a single rear track and front skis that essentially turn sport models into snow-quads. Kits vary in price and design, so explore your options. We suggest a kit that’s durable, cost effective and relatively easy to install. If it’s too pricey, you might be better off with a used snowmobile.

• Juice: Finally, a newly charged or fresh battery is also a great idea if you plan on venturing out into Jack Frost’s backyard. This is especially important if you plan on adding a winch, lights and other devices that run off your machine’s battery.

Winter ATV Riding Essentials Winter ATV Riding Essentials Winter ATV Riding Essentials Winter ATV Riding Essentials