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Honda 90CC ATV

Honda / November 10, 2022

Four wheelers have been very popular for many years - first originating in 1970 when a red 90cc ATV was launched (the Honda US90). The machine was riding on big balloon style tires and was without decent suspension and was offering a very basic ride. Today, however things are much different you can get a vast variety of ATVs that are made for a variety of budgets and a large cross section of people in different configurations.

ATVs can be powered by as small as a 50cc engine and can be equipped with a large 1000cc engine. There are a variety of sizes available in the range in between the two capacities. Small mini ATVs are a big hit for kids and can be adjusted so as not to exceed a certain speed so that the rider is safe. They are easily portable and can be transported on the back of trucks. Safety features are installed in all ATVs and include powerful head lights, hydraulic brakes and push button starts.

As a very general rule to consider - all kids under the age of twelve must drive: 70 cc ATVs, for those between the ages of 12 and 16: 70cc to 90cc (so that's we will be considering here in this account) and over 90cc for persons above 16 who has some experience too.

ATV Laws

Make sure before you invest one that you brush up on the rules for owning one first and how to operate it. Below, is what is the current rules but remember they can be updated and altered, so be sure to do some research into what you can and cannot do.

For riding an ATV over public trails a license is required. For kids with an age of 6 an ATV with a 50cc engine is more than enough and a license will not be required. Kids over 12 don't need a license either and can drive 90cc ATVs. For ATVs with high power a safety course is essential so that the rides do not prove to be fatal. Once they pass the course it is easy and safe to ride over public trails.