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Types Of Atv / January 7, 2022

Radio interview source: Kevin Tam, Vice President of Sales and Marketing, ProManPTO

Your all-terrain or utility vehicle could become even more of a workhorse. New technology is allowing the vehicles to run hydraulic implements directly from their engines.

Kevin Tam is the vice president of sales and marketing for a company that has developed a patented quick-connect housing and hydraulic pump system. It runs implements off the engine of an ATV or UTV.

"Then that plugs into the hydraulic implement which runs off the front of the ATV or the rear if the guy wants to run it off the rear. Usually off the front because you've got better visibility, " says Tam. "One of the problems with tractors out there and they have a mower on the back, they're always looking over their shoulder. This eliminates that. You can get up close underneath trees and real close to fence lines, and you've eliminated that looking over your shoulder."

Once you have a hydraulic kit, you can outfit it with matching implements including finish-cut mowers, rough-cut mowers, and leaf blowers. The implements are free-floating so they follow the contour of the land just like the vehicle does.

Tam says they have future plans for wood chippers and log splitters, and the ability to hook in tools such as chainsaws.

"So instead of having a separate engine on each implement, you have a hydraulic motor, which of course eliminates the engine, the maintenance, and the expense of that engine, " says Tam. "Plus, it's a green source because there's no pollution from no engine, and it's quieter."