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Honda ATV Charleston SC

Honda / October 7, 2022

Davis, Sprinkle, and Corley (left to right). (Source: OCSO)ORANGEBURG COUNTY, SC (WCSC) -

Three Lowcountry teenagers are behind bars after investigators say they stole $100, 000 worth of motorcycles during power outages related to Hurricane Matthew.

Orangeburg County Sheriff Leroy Ravenell said the trio were taken into custody early Sunday in the act of stealing motorcycles and ATVs from the Honda-Kawasaki-Suzuki-Yamaha of Orangeburg.

“These individuals stole multiple vehicles from this business during the night while the power was off, ” the sheriff said. “We’re now in the process now of getting the remaining missing vehicles back.”

On Wednesday, Talmadge Sprinkle, Jr., 18, Ricquan Corley, 18, and Maurkiem Davis, 17, were charged with second-degree burglary.

Bond was set at $15, 000 surety on each of the teens.

Ravenell said investigators are looking into any connection the trio has with other burglaries.

According to a report, the charges came after OCSO deputies got word from the Orangeburg Department of Public Safety around 5 a.m. Sunday that that agency discovered an ATV on Glover Street that came back registered to the Honda dealership.

"Considering the stopped vehicle appeared to be new, OCSO deputies sped toward the Honda dealership to investigate that location, " authorities said."Two more ATVs were seen on the way."

"Closing in on the business, a vehicle seen leaving the frontage road was later stopped, " OCSO officials said."It had a motorcycle loaded in the trunk. Another ATV was stopped on Highway 301."

A report states the early morning investigation developed information that led to a trailer park in Cordova where a Kawasaki ATV was located parked beside a Sweet Gum Lane residence.

"Inside the home were three motorcycles, " OCSO officials said."In all, nine of 11 motorcycles stolen have been recovered, eight of 15 ATVs were recovered, while one 5x8 trailer remains missing."

More charges are pending against the trio.

Sheriff Ravenell said investigators are following multiple leads on the remaining vehicles and are closing in on several.

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