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Round Bale Mover for ATV

Types Of Atv / January 30, 2023

bale moverWe have big round bale unrollers available for sale. With this unroller you can really turn a bankrupted soil farm around. By simply unrolling purchased hay onto these lifeless soil spots and feeding your livestock on these areas it is amazing how quickly the soils start to heal. Folks you have to get organic matter on the land and trampled with a group of livestock.

This bale unroller can be used behind an ATV, small pickup or anything with a 2" ball on it. The bale is simply unrolled like a bobbin of thread on top of the ground. Also check out the video below explaining how easy it is to use. For the average producer with 15-20 cows, it just does not pencil out economically to buy a hydra-bed that costs $10000 to put on your pickup.

You got to remember that every big round bale has around 15-20 dollars worth of fertilizer benefits to it. If you feed these in a bale ring during the winter you are really a fantastic opportunity to fertilize your whole farm. You cannot believe the grass you can grow the following year on pastures that had hay unrolled and cattle fed on it.

I have heard people complain that when you unroll hay the cattle waste to much of it by trampling on it. This is crazy folks, you will get paid back double in future pasture production where this "wasted hay" was unrolled. They can call it waste if they like, I call it money in my future grass savings account!

The other advantages to unrolling hay is that your livestock are spread out on a long strip and you move them to another strip the next day. This is a great way to keep them out of the mud and you are constantly moving forward leaving the dung and parasites behind your cattle herd. No more badly pugged areas whare you had bale rings setting that the cattle destroyed.