Redcat 150cc Wiring Diagram | Search Wiring Diagram

Red Cat 110CC ATV Parts

Parts / September 7, 2022

Our Full Line of Redcat Tank ATV's include something for just about every rider:

Redcat 50 cc ATV:
Perfect for smaller kids. Easy to use and durable.

Redcat SFX 110 cc ATV:
A mid sized ATV with sport styling.

Redcat RFX 110cc ATV:
110cc Chain Drive 3 speed with reverse gear. Now with Rear Disc Brake, Dual A-Arms and Brake Light.

Redcat FX 150cc ATV:
Sport Styling, 150cc with reverse, full suspension and front and rear disc brakes. New Features include: Longer A-Arms, Brake Light, Chain and Brake Guard & Foot Brake.

Redcat KMZ 150cc ATV:
Full Size 150cc with Front & Rear Racks.

Redcat FX 250cc ATV:
Sport Styling, 250cc with reverse, full suspension and front and rear disc brakes.

Redcat KMZ 250cc ATV:
Full Sized Water Cooled 250cc With Reverse.

Redcat Mammoth 90cc Dirtbike:
The Mammoth 90 is the perfect offroad cycle for the beginner.

Redcat R9-X Dirtbike:
Latest design with performance upgrades.

Press Release Source: Tank Sports, Inc. Tank Sports Signs Definitive Stock Purchase Agreement to Acquire Redcat Motors Wednesday January 3, 8:30 am ET

LOS ANGELES, Jan. 3, 2007 (PRIME NEWSWIRE) - Tank Sports (OTC BB:TNSP.OB - News) today announced that it has signed a definitive agreement with Darin and Michelle Oreman of Hexagon Financial, LLC to acquire, Inc., an Arizona corporation d/b/a Redcat Motors, a powersports equipment importer and distributor headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona whosebusiness mainly focuses on off-road power-sports equipment.

Through the acquisition of Redcat, Tank will be able to strengthen off-road vehicle sales and increase market share. After the acquisition, Tank can fully utilize its manufacturing resourcesto improve the product cost, quality, and research ability of Redcat, as well as to support sales and service of its market, which includes more than 300 dealers nationwide. This acquisition will combine Tank's product supply chain and on-road sales network with Redcat's efficient management system and offroad sales network. This will improve both companies' competitiveness in the market.

The acquisition is an important part of Tank's ``World Class Brand, Made in China'' strategy, providing a combined dealer base of more than 500 dealers nationwide and a broader product offering. This acquisition will ensure continued progress towards Tank's goal of continuing to lead in the powersports industry. About Tank Sports, Inc. Tank Sports is a leading company that develops, engineers, and markets high performance on-road motorcycles and scooters, off-road all-terrain vehicles (ATVs), dirt bikes and Go Karts through OEMs in China. It utilizes the so-called ``China Concept'' to participate in the $31.5 billion annually Motor Industry Council) motorcycle/ATV market.

The Tank Sports, Inc. logo is available at About Redcat Motors Established in 2001, Redcat Motors is an importer and distributor of off-road power-sports products from China. The company has 5 regional warehouse locations and a dealership network of over 300 dealers. Important operational procedures are conducted online using a tier 1 ERP system, which includes ordering inventory from China, arranging ocean freights and shipments to U.S. contract warehouses. Redcat Dealers also place orders through the Company's website, and access availability of product and monitor inventory levels.

Product offering includes ATV's & off-road motorcycles. Redcat has a revenue of $70, 000 per month for parts, and in 2005 the company had a revenue of $19, 000, 000. With gross profit of $1.34 million, the company realized a net earning of approximately $643, 000 in 2005. About Hexagon Financial, LLC Hexagon Financial is based in Phoenix, Arizona and was established in 2003 to provide venture capital and management support for high growth companies in niche markets nationwide.Safe Harbor Statement The foregoing news release includes numerous forward-looking statements concerning the company's business and future prospects and other similar statements that do not concern matters of historical fact.

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