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Parts / November 28, 2021

float needle seatWatch this tutorial to understand and diagnose common problems with motorcycle and atv carburetors. In this video you will learn all the parts within the carburetor and how they function. This video will also cover common problems with motorcycle and atv carburetors and introduce common fixes or repairs to the carburetor itself. Carburetor jetting is NOT covered in this video, check The Junk Man's Adventures page for that video. Below is some pictures of the most common parts of any carburetor regardless of make or model. If your having trouble getting your motorcycle or atv running or it is running poorly check out this video "Getting a neglected bike running again" AND How to clean your fuel system

Close up of a carburetor float needle

Kawasaki big horn carburetor

Typical carburetor (exact model is from a Kawasaki F5)

If you have a question about your carburetor do not hesitate to leave a comment below to ask a question. As always there is no need to register to leave a comment. Most carburetor problems can be remedied by a through cleaning and replacement of worn or damaged parts. Always consult a service manual for your particular machine for proper initial carburetor settings.

For replacement parts Rocky Mountain ATV/MC has OEM and Aftermarket parts for your machine if your are in need of new parts.