The 2015 Polaris Ranger EV is a powerful electric UTV that moves

Polaris electric ATV

Polaris / September 21, 2022

This thread is about the quest to for an electric UTV that had some power for farm chores. After a lot of research, we bought the Polaris Ranger EV. That turned out to be a mistake. While the Polaris was in the shop for the second time in two months of ownership, we bought a two year old Bad Boy Buggy. Then both were in the shop and we got another used bad boy buggy. Along the way we picked up a 20+ year old club car.

The 20+ year old club car ended up broken down just as often as the brand new polaris, the two year old bad boy buggy and the three year old bad boy buggy.

All four went through several iterations of repair. After two years of having all four, the polaris and the buggies had a lot of axel and boot problems. The buggies had lots of brake problems. The polaris had lots of charger problems. The club car had problems with flats, the old aluminum frame and the forward/reverse switch plastics just getting too old and decomposing.

Overall, I think that if I could do it all over again, I would get: a standard body club car (not the long body we have now) with seats in the back that fold down to carry stuff. The straight axle stuff (no fancy suspension) means there are no boots or wimpy axles to deal with. And because it is something that is built by the thousands, it is designed for heavy use. The polaris and the bad boy buggies seem to be built as an occasional use novelty. I do think I would get something that is just two years old instead of 20+ years old.

On my previous farm, I bought this

for $4100. It was probably the smartest purchase i ever made on the farm. It was quiet. It didn't stink. And suddenly it was easy to move tools/hay/people/fencing/water to the far side of the land in no time. And on the way, since it is so quiet, you hear a lot of what is going on on the farm to figure out if there is something more that can be done.

The golf cart was fired up about eight times a day.

I am thinking that this time i don't want to get a tractor. I'm trying to think of what the tractor was used for that I would still do on this new farm. one thing was to drag around portable shelters. Another was snow removal and road maintenance.

Plus, there were two shortcomings with the golf cart: sometimes in winter, the two wheel drive proved insufficient. The top speed of the golf cart was 14 mph and it seemed that people would just drive too fast, tools would bounce out, and I would find my tools lying all over the fields.

There are now UTVs that are all electric and have 4wd. Plus, I thought I read somewhere that it is easy to have them geared differently so that they have a maximum speed of 8mph - as an added bonus, they can pull more.

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