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Polaris ATV snowblower

Polaris / July 26, 2019

Clearing width 1, 18 m
Length 0, 5 m
Weight Snowblower 90 kg, Accessory frame 25 kg
Height of loading chute 550 mm
Snow throwing distance 1-10 m

Method of moving/throwing snow

Single-stage double-threaded blower. The impeller uses the MDS (Minimum Distance Space) technique, which provides maximum throwing power. Max rotating speed is 900 r/min.
Engine Brigss&Stratton Snow Series 1150 winter engine. Torque 16 Nm. 250 cm3. Fuel tank capacity 2, 8 L. Oil capacity 0, 6 L.
Start Easy pull start. Optional el. start (230 V)
Fuel consumption 1-1, 5 L/h
Attachment to ATV Mount brackets with holes on dozer blade on ATV, hole Ø10mm adjustable width of mount bracket (thickness of mount bracket is 8mm) 240-500mm (outer dimension) and the adjustable length is 750-1250mm. Watch standard mounting. Optional Arctic Cat, Can-am, Click&Go and Polaris 16-19 mm lock hook mounting.
Raise/lower Winch of ATV
Remote control Mechanical, 4-function
- throttle and shutdown
- turning of discharge chute
- control of angle of end of discharge chute
- clutch / gear
Standard equipment - Accessory frame
- Adjustable skis
- Remote control
- Replaceable and adjustable scraper blade
- ice removal tool
Capacity 600 cubic meters / hour.
Optional 1

El. start (230V) 3890 € inc. VAT 24 %

CE marking is affixed to the device.

Source: rammy.fi