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Polaris / June 15, 2022

Not Waterproof We have 2 of these for when we are at camp. They fit great on our Polaris Sportsmans in the XL size. These are far from waterproof. Both of them soaked thru with a light afternoon sprinkle and the morning dew. They are not trailerable (not mentioned anywhere in the description). Good only for a dust cover when parked in a shed or garage. Was a little concerned that i had ordered the wrong size for my Honda TRX 350, but i need not have worried, it fitted like a glove. One slight negative, i would have expected a thicker fabric, but here in South Africa the weather is mild, so it will do the job. bought the extra large for a grizzly 350 and plenty big have had the cover on for 2 weeks now out in the rain and quad is dry each time. great product I use it in my shed to keep the dust off my '01 Rancher during the off season. The XL size is a little large, but if you have any accessories mounted on your ride it may fit a little better. It is a thin cover that I wouldn't recommend for any extended outside storage.