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ATV Riding parks in Texas

Atv Riding / September 8, 2022

Don't miss an incredible opportunity to tour East Texas by ATV.Don't miss an incredible opportunity to tour East Texas by ATV. (Photo: Mike Powell/Digital Vision/Getty Images )

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They say everything is bigger in Texas; the state’s size is no exception. While there are many ways to explore the vast Lone Star state, ATV tourism is gaining traction. East Texas, the state’s subtropical region, is an especially fitting destination for fans of ATV riding and is a natural and inspiring beauty. Currently, there are five different parks in East Texas with ATV trails that will not disappoint.

Northwest OHV Park in Bridgeport

Over 300 acres of off-road trails await visitors of Bridgeport's Northwest OHV Park. Officially opened in 2009, the park now features a 25-mile trail system through terrain that is organized by level of difficulty and provides full facilities and rest stops along the way. Northwest OHV Park is specifically designed to accommodate ATV, off-road and nature enthusiasts. Thrill-seeking visitors are required to stay on designated trails.

Eisenhower State Park in Denison

Eisenhower State Park perfectly exemplifies the beauty of East Texas. Luckily, amid its grassy uplands and prairies, rocky shoreline and dense woodlands, the park hosts a scenic 10-acre area devoted to ATV and off-road trails. Though the trails span only a couple of miles, they're fun, accessible and take you on a scenic tour through the park. If you are visiting Eisenhower State Park, it is recommended that you set aside the entire day to explore its grounds and activities.

Trophy Club Park at Grapevine Lake

In regard to its activities, attractions and ATV trails, Trophy Club Park is one of Texas' more robust parks. The park itself spans nearly 900 acres of trails, woodlands, rivers and beaches of neighboring Grapevine Lake. The recreation area provides 6 miles of ATV trails over three separate scenic loops. These year-round trails are designed to be enjoyed by ATV riders of any skill level.

Barnwell Mountain Recreational Area in Gilmer

One of Texas’ best kept off-road secrets, Barnwell Mountain Recreational Area is an 1, 850-acre off-road paradise in the high Barnwell Mountains. The property features a 16-mile ATV adventure trail that roughly loops the property’s pine-laden, highland woods over rugged terrain. With shorter trails scattered among the park, the trail system boasts a whopping 50 miles of off-road trails for all riding levels. If you are contemplating a visit to Barnwell, you may want to consider booking one of the property’s available campsites or cabins to take advantage of all the property has to offer.

Sam Houston National Forest in New Waverly

An ATV tour of East Texas is incomplete without a visit to Sam Houston National Forest. Set in Texas' "Deep East, " the forest provides refuge to a large diversity of wildlife. Its natural beauty can be experienced first-hand on over 85 miles of multi-use trails established for ATV, dirt-bike, equestrian and pedestrian use. Sam Houston is the only national forest in Texas that allows vehicles on trails and affords ATV riders the opportunity to experience backwoods Texas while navigating its arduous terrain.

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