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ATV Riding in Kentucky

Atv Riding / October 18, 2023

Mine Made Paradise Adventure Park Currently there are 200 miles of OHV trails on 42, 000 acres. Promoters are negotiating with other landowners to acquire another 21, 000 acres, on which another 100-plus tails will be cut. Challenging hills, beautiful side hill trails and ridges and numerous creek crossings offer challenges to all skill levels. The fields, hill and valleys of the Mine-Made Paradise Adventure Park will soon be reforested, and in an estimated 10 to 15 years, the land will look like it has never been strip-mined at all. It will fit right in with the rest of the Appalachian, only with better ATV trails. Coal severance money also built the Knott County ATV Riders' training facility at MMPAP, which is one of only 6 dedicated ATV and motorcycle safety training centers in the nation, and the only one with paved and closed course-training grounds for all skill levels of riders. (270) 792- 5300, (800) 5321622

Redbird Crest Trails Located in the scenic Daniel Boone National Forest in Manchester, the Redbird Crest Trails feature over 60 miles of multi-use trails. The trails vary in length and difficulty, such as Trail #1 that's only two miles long and Trail #11 that is 13.6 miles long. Not all the Redbird Trails are open to ATVs, so check before you ride. You'll need a permit to use the trail (a day pass is $7, a thee-day pass is $15, or you can ante up for a full year for $40), and permits are available at the Redbird District Office at the trailhead, or at various local stores. 606-598-2192

Turkey Bay OHV Trails One of the most stunning trail systems in the country, Turkey Bay OHV Trails are located in the Land Between the Lakes National Recreation Area in Golden Pond. There are more than 100 miles of OHV trails that span a variety of terrains and difficulty levels (including the Turkey Trot kids area), and there is some camping available. Turkey Bay OHV is open year-round and you'll need a permit to ride that will run you $15 for a three-day, $30 for a week, or $60 for the year, and camping is $8 per night, but they offer a discount for multiple nights. 270-924-2000

Wilderness Trail Off-Road Park Pineville's Wilderness Off-Road Park has 120 miles of great trails that are fun no matter what skill level of riding you're looking for. From easy going to tough, technical rides, this picturesque spot in the tri-state area of Kentucky, Virginia and Tennessee will keep you smiling in your helmet as it winds through the Cumberland Gap. The best part? Riding here is free! 606-302-1943

Big Rock Off-Road Park Two thousand acres of off-road fun sounds like a good time, if you ask us. The Big Rock Off-Road Park in Maysville has tons of trails that will keep you entertained, and they range from beginner to expert. While exploring the park, you'll see old rock walls from early settlers of the area. This spot is open year-round and admission is $20 or $30 for two days. 606-759-8204

Black Mountain Off-Road Adventure Area This place has "adventure" in the name, so it's got to be good. Located in Harlan, the BMORAA gas more than 150 miles of marked and rated multi-use trails that reach up to 3, 300 feet in elevation. It's built on 8, 000 acres of reclaimed mining property and logging roads, and features trails of varying skill levels. You have to purchase a daily permit to ride here, which will cost you $20 a month or $35 per year. 606-837-3205

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