ATV Riding in puerto rico

Atv Riding / October 26, 2022

The local company that did the tour was Rico Sun Tours. They were great. The tour takes place on the land of an huge hacienda that was a sugar cane planation at one time. There is also horseback riding and zip lines if you wand to go back. Be prepared to get full of mud especially if you get stuck. If you don't have the right gear, they sell what you need there. You will need to buy these plastic booties that cover your sneakers. You will also need to cover your face. They sell a sleeve that fits around you neck and you can pull it up to cover up to your nose. I made sure my hair was inside of it too. You should also have goggles or sunglasses to protect your eyes. I was fine with sunglasses. They even sell go pro cameras. I had one with me but didn't have a mount for the helmet so they loaned me one nice. They provide the helmet. They give you instructions on how to drive the ATV and you get to practice a little before you go out. The groups are small. There was 3 of us to one guide. The guide was great. He made sure everyone was ok. If you got stuck, he would stop to help you. You make a couple stops along the way and the guide gives you information on what you are looking at. When we got back the owner actually greeted us and asked how our ride was. You can buy drinks and relax a little before heading back. It seems Rico Sun Tours hires a different company to go and pick up the guests at the various hotels. The driver wasn't friendly and didn't interact with us. He also rushed us to get back to the van at the end when we were finishing our drinks and taking pictures. Maybe I was just spoiled by the drivers from Bespoke Life Style Management. We did a couple tours with them. Driver aside, The guides and the ATV experience was great. I highly recommend it. If I was in Puerto Rico longer I would have gone back for the horse back riding. The owner of the company sold me on it LOL. It's great that he comes out to great the customers and sees how they feel about the tour.

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