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Zilla ATV Tires Review

Atv Tires / September 21, 2023

It just can't get any better! I changed out the 25" tires that came on my 2006 - Kawasaki 650 with 27" Mudzilla tires and aluminum rims. Having just completed a waterfowl season in Texas, all I can say about these tires is WOW! What a tremendous tire for sloppy conditions. Put these tires with a powerful ATV and the performance is absolutely awesome! Other ATV owners on our lease will be buying your tires before the next season! Thanks for a great product! Maxxis made our waterfowl season that much more wonderful by not getting stuck once even when pulling a trailer!
-Larry Cook

I recently purchased a set of Mudzillas and I have to say they outperform the other two sets of tires (which were only two weeks old) by a mile. I ride in mud which is usually over the 28's and have never been stuck due to tire performance. I have three bikes total and will be replacing them all with Mudzillas.
-Chris Gaines

I just bought a set of 26' Mudzillas to put on my 2000 Big Bear 400. Not only do they look awesome, but they ride great. I truly can say your tires are the "cadillacs" of mud tires! Thanks a lot, guys!
-Askew Christopher

I just bought a set of 28x12-12 all around Mudzillas. These tires are great! My buddy owns a Honda Forman and I have a Big Bear 400. The bikes are close to the same with lifts and what not except he has different tires. On the last ride, we were seeing whose tires were better going through some serious truck size mud holes. When it was all said and done with, He was using his warn to pull himself out. Then I went through where he had gotten stuck and with a little finagling I made it through. How about that for a testimonial?
-Harry Blalock

"Drive traction is astounding. For mud competition, Maxxis' Mudzilla is the king because of its impressive drive traction and its steering and rut climbing ability." - ATV 4-Wheel Action, March 2002