Side-by-Side A.T.V. s Have Extra Room, and Maybe More Risks - The

What is a Side by Side ATV?

Types Of Atv / May 19, 2017

Take on any terrain with the most powerful side-by-side vehicles on the market. Loaded with industry-leading performance, precision-engineered handling and rider-focused design, Can-Am sets you apart from the competition. But don’t take our word for it, get out and drive one, because the ride says it all.

You will venture around the mystery of the most recently extinct volcano in Colorado, on 6, 000 acres of our private land in addition to 14, 000 acres of public land in the Castle Peak Wilderness Study Area. Sage rides on 20, 000 acres of land stretching far as the eye can see! The trails that we make on our private area are real side X side trails, purpose built. These are exclusive to you, only here at Sage!

On Side X Side and ATV tours you will be driving your own machine, with your guide out front leading the way to all the best places to ride. Plenty of opportunities await to switch up drivers.

All participants will be required to sign a Release Waiver prior to the trip. The release can be found on the footer of this website also.