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Polaris / September 5, 2022

spec intimidatorS&H Farm Supply offers the best selection in the Ozarks on ATVs and Side by Sides including great options like the Polaris RZR, Polaris Ranger, Polaris General & Polaris Sportsman & ACE ATVs. Other brands offered include Kawasaki Mules & ATVs, Kioti Mechrons, and Intimidators. We are also your source for used ATVs and UTVs. With four locations in Southwest, Missouri – Lockwood, Rogersville, Mountain Grove, and Joplin – we’re sure to help you find the ATV or UTV you’ve been looking for!

WARNING! ATV’s can be hazardous to operate. For your safety, always wear a helmet, eye protection, and protective clothing and never carry passengers unless the adult ATV has been designed by the manufacturer specifically for that purpose. Polaris adult models are for riders age 16 and older. Be sure to take a safety training course. For safety training information in the U.S. call the SVIA at (800)887-2887. You may also contact your Polaris dealer or call Polaris at (800)324-3764.

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