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Atv Riding / November 4, 2021

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There are thousands of places to ride in the Hills. A good days ride will usually cover about 50-60 miles or a tank of gas ... whichever comes first.

There's a nice trail system that starts on Main Street in Piedmont and goes all the way back to US385 and the Dalton Lake area. Just start riding west on Main Street and it becomes the trail. More trails follow west of 385, but locals like to stop at the Sugar Shack for burgers then head back east.

Trails range from smooth and grassy to technically very challenging - dangerous even. For instance there's a trail in Tepee Gulch that looks easy but becomes steep and a side-hill to boot. Unfortunately, once you are committed there's no turning back and the trail dumps about half the riders who try it. So it helps to know a local rider who knows the trails.

The forest service maps are not very helpful because they don't show topo features and don't include private and state lands so often a trail looks like a dead end but in fact keeps on going right off the map. Finally there are is a huge number of trails that are not even shown on maps.