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Types Of Atv / April 21, 2023

ATV-UTV-Snow-Plow-Buyers-GuideMost people’s favorite part of winter is the first sight of a recent snowfall when the entire neighborhood is covered in a glistening, white sheet of snow. It can capture the imagination and make kids jump with joy, as they get to go sledding down the local hill.

However, adults have to do the dirty, cold job of cleaning off the sidewalks and driveways. While most people are content with a cumbersome snow shovel, a select few have the foresight to invest in an ATV snow plow, which makes the job easy and even fun. Not to mention how tiresome clearing space bigger than your average yard can be!

ATV or UTV plows attach to the front of your four-wheeler and essentially turns it into a snow plowing machine that can clear driveways, fields, and pathways quickly and easily. To help you find the plow that fits your needs, we’ve assembled this list of the best ATV Snow Plows on the market and listed them by price range for easy navigation.

Each review lists the specs of the plow, which will be explained below. Of course, this list is not exhaustive; it’d be a good idea to do your own research on top of the info that we provide, in order for you to find the perfect plow for your ATV.

ATV Snow Plows: What You Need To Know

Material: This is one of the most important specs because the makeup of the plow is what makes it effective. Most plows are made from steel, but the different types of steel can make a big difference in the performance of the plow.

Width: The width of the plow determines how much snow you’ll shovel in one push as well as how much the plow weighs. This is a spec that usually comes down to personal needs; if your ATV is on the smaller side, get a smaller plow. If it’s a big one, you might want to spring for the bigger plow.

Weight: You don’t want your ATV to be weighed down by a super-heavy plow; it can be bad for the suspension and dangerous for the driver. This is another spec that depends on your personal discretion, as well as the ATV that you own.

Low-cost (Under $200)

Typical ATV Snow Plows in this range will be made of steel, and usually have pretty good ribbing. Since they’re on the low-end of pricing, they’ll almost always be 50 inches, because that’s the smallest common width on the market. Many of these blades show up in higher ranges, but as 60-inch models.


  • Material: 12-gauge steel
  • Width: 50 inches
  • Weight: 56 pounds

This is an amazing plow for the price. It’s made of 12-gauge heavy-duty steel that can completely get rid of snow easily and quickly, and is ribbed for extra sturdiness.

However, this bad boy really stands out due to its ability to get rid of snow on surfaces of varying heights. This is because of the center cross member that adds extra rigidity and allows the entire four-wheeler to stay steady while the plow removes snow from surfaces of different levels. It also comes with a spring system that greatly relieves tension when the plow moves over rough surfaces.

The designers of the system were kind enough to allow it to be installed at multiple angles, making it a breeze to adjust the plow to any angle you like. Added tilt and lift protection keeps the plow safe from getting dinged up when switching surfaces, and allows it to switch to high curbs with no problem.

The no-friction finish keeps gunk and other unwanted materials from sticking to the blade. With a low cost and great features, this ATV plow is perfect for newbies or those sticking to a budget.

Mid-Range ($200-400)

These middle-of-the-road plows are great pieces of machinery and come with a lot of extra features that the low-cost ones just don’t have. Also, this is the range where you’ll begin to see more 60 inch plows since all that extra steel costs money.

  • Material: 14-gauge steel
  • Width: 52 inches
  • Weight: 93 pounds

What’s the “X Factor” in this plow is that makes it stand out from the competition? Probably the 14-gauge steel plow that comes with a double layer of steel in the center! That extra layer of steel gives the 52-inch blade some real secure pushing power against any amount of snow.

The extra layer is marked with an “X” at the center, showing you exactly where to maneuver the plow. The plow also comes with a 3 piece steel and tube frame that adds, even more stability. The plow is very easy to assemble and attach. It has nothing to weld, instead, it uses heavy-duty bolts to latch onto any surface and stay. It also comes with thorough instructions that allow anyone to assemble the system with ease.