McDonald ATV

ATV Parts Distributor

Parts / September 7, 2022

The only locally owned auto parts store in Pierre is getting a new distributor.

Dan Maciej, marketing specialist for Automotive Parts Headquarters Inc. in Minnesota, announced in a news release last week that Zander Auto Parts has joined their Auto Value independently owned auto parts stores network.

“They are a lot better fit for us, ” Zander Auto Parts owner Thad Smith said Tuesday. The new distributor is better for the Pierre demographic area and provides better services, he said.

Smith was the store’s assistant manager from 1998 until he bought the store from its previous owner, Tom Zander, in December 2016.

Smith works along with his wife, Julie, in managing the store. He said he “couldn’t be happier” with the experience so far.

The couple has been working on improving the inventory of the store since they took over, Smith said.

He added some agriculture parts such as bearings and hydraulic equipment, along with towing equipment, small engine and ATV parts, Smith said.

Smith said the new distributor had helped greatly with setting up the new inventory. “They have an excellent computer system, excellent staff. They came down and we did the transition — they brought the reps in and moved out the old product, brought in the new product and helped set everything up, ” he said.

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